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What A Difference Ten Years Makes

I’ve been blogging since way before most people had heard of blogging, and sometimes I like to look at what was happening in my life during this month one, five, or ten years ago.

Wow! I found a fallible entry from ten years ago this month that blew me away. Little did I know that literally within days of me writing this, my mother’s health would begin its steady and precipitous decline. Little did I know that Doug and I would not get to enjoy any time between raising our kids to adulthood and becoming caregivers for both our moms.

I had high hopes, though, didn’t I? And I still do, though the past decade bore absolutely no resemblance to what I’d foreseen. Here’s what I wrote back then:

“I’m starting to think that the Final Exam in Successful Marriage isn’t really about finances, or in-laws, or hormone replacement therapy, like they tell us. Shrinking retirement accounts and itty-bitty-bladder syndrome, we can get through. Male-patterned baldness won’t kill us, even if it’s mine. I’m starting to think the test is in the nest. Being members of the sandwich generation used to frighten me. You know, the period in a middle-aged couple’s life when their kids and their parents are all needy at the same time. But guess what happened while our independent moms neglected to need us? The kids moved out! The big stuff really has made us strong over the course of these past 25 years, but it’s the little stuff—-the little people—-who’ve made us fun. We’ve got a few years left with our youngest son, and we won’t be hurrying him from the nest before it’s time. But we won’t try to stop him when he’s fit to fly, either. In the meantime, we’ve become returning students of each other, Doug and I. We’re facing pop quizzes daily, examining the teacher’s text for insight into the coming chapters, and worrying just a little about the unavoidable essay questions. The semester may be just beginning, but we’re determined to pass the Empty Nest Test with flying colors.”

Have you ever imagined that a period of your life was going to go a certain direction, and then gotten blind-sided by the hard, cold facts? Or is it just me?

And tell me, am I the absolute worse prognosticator you’ve ever heard of, or what? :)

Posted by Katy on 08/23/11 at 07:27 PM
Fallible Comments...
  1. I know all about detours!

    Love your writing. You're an incredible weaver of words. I hope to catch a few from time to time.

    Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey  on  08/24/11  at  08:26 AM
  2. Hi Katy! You're absolutely not alone. There's no escaping the bitter-sweet facts of life. But as long as we have good company and faith, we're gonna be more than okay.
    Posted by Elin  on  10/02/11  at  10:27 PM
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