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Bare Naked Faces

My good buddy Lisa Samson posted a compelling challenge on her blog today. She mentioned my name in her post, so how can I now fail to take the challenge?

I read her post too late this morning to have my picture taken sans make-up. And since we were fixin’ to get ready to see Dave Ramsey downtown, I had put on the works. I’m talking foundation, mascara, and lipstick, baby!

Now we’re home, and I’ve taken my face down to pure skin. This is the real, honest-to-goodness, 53.5 year old fallible Katy. As I am NOT a woman who’s afraid to be seen in public without make-up, I figured the Internet could handle the truth, too.

Anyone else want to do the same on your blog? Leave a comment and a link, and we’ll commiserate together. Um, I mean, celebrate our natural beauty.

Yeah. That’s what I meant!  :)

Posted by Katy on 05/05/07 at 07:55 PM
Fallible Comments...
  1. Most of my pictures have me sans make-up. I only put on lipstick for my brother's wedding!

    I don't know why I don't use make-up. Partly it's because I'm just too lazy to fuss with my face every morning and refresh my lipstick after each meal. But I suspect it's also partly because I've seen how make-up can make women look like totally different people, and I have a strong aversion to projecting an image that is different from who I really am. I don't TRUST make-up. Possibly this makes sense only to me!
    Posted by Sunflower  on  05/06/07  at  02:28 AM
  2. PS. Make-up or not, Katy, you could only ever look beautiful ;)
    Posted by Sunflower  on  05/06/07  at  02:29 AM
  3. When Amy and I met, I told of her my aversion to make up. Assured her she was beautiful without, wrote her notes about her natural beauty...

    We are late for almos...actually...every event/church service/trip to Wal-Mart etc now because Amy is
    a: putting on make up
    b: looking for her make up bag
    c: "Not looking for THAT make up bag...THE OTHER ONE"
    d: curling her hair

    The only thing she doesn't use - on a regular basis - if we step outside, is fingernail polish. Something I managed to convince her and our daughters that I wouldn't tolerate - I had to gasp for air, open windows, feign a heart attack due to fumes to do it. No one uses nail stuff.

    In the house.

    While I'm here.

    So now I pay for manicures.

    I still consider it a victory.

    One must cling to whatever one can in battles such as these :)
    Posted by Michael Main  on  05/06/07  at  06:32 AM
  4. I took the challenge. See me at www.relevantblog.blogspot.com.

    You look maaahhhhvelous.

    Love, Mary
    Posted by relevantgirl  on  05/06/07  at  07:30 AM
  5. Katy, you look like a kid. Maybe 35 the most. You're beautiful inside and out, with or without the stuff.

    Umm, I won't take that challenge. What they don't know won't hurt them. I've had my "5 minute natural face" Bare Minerals makeup routine for the past 10 years. I don't leave the house without it, and that includes my blog. :-)
    Posted by Suzan  on  05/06/07  at  04:17 PM
  6. Hey! You qualify for my End of the Day Challenge! And you still look great! What a woman...
    Posted by shanna  on  05/07/07  at  09:17 AM
  7. Cute picture!!

    I took the challenge. Come check it out!
    Posted by Paula  on  05/07/07  at  10:49 AM
  8. sunflower--I've seen your pics and you have a beautiful complexion. No need for make-up at all!! You've got a great attitude to go with it, too. :)

    Michael--As my mother would say, "Thank God for small mercies!" Your wife is SUCH a cutie. But, as you say, no point in arguing over this stuff! And, honestly, I've skipped church at least once that I can remember because of a ZIT. Now THAT'S vain.

    Relevant Mary--Girl, I love your pic. You and your oldest daughter look so much alike to me--sweet young things. :)

    Suzan--My daughter uses Bare Minerals! In fact, she used it on me before her wedding shower yesterday. Pretty neat stuff! I may switch to it myself. And thanks for the nice words, girlfriend.

    Shanna--Your post gave me the idea that it would be OK to do an end of the day challenge. I love your pics!

    Paula--I am on my way to check it out. To me, you have the sweetest face anywhere, one that can't be improved with make-up.
    Posted by Katy  on  05/07/07  at  03:02 PM
  9. Katy,
    had to laugh when you showed up on my blog as Carrie. I show up as my daughter Sarah ALL the time. I'm learning to check to see if she's logged in before I post comments. When it first started happening I was totally confused. I didn't figure out what was going on until I came up as Seth, who is my son, right after he'd been on my computer.

    BTW, your comment . . . well, wow. It reached way down deep.
    Posted by Paula  on  05/07/07  at  10:34 PM
  10. Oh, Katy, you look lovely without makeup. You have a natural beauty, girlfriend! I wear makeup a couple of times a week when I'm going someplace, but most of the time, my face is au naturale.
    Posted by Lisa Jordan  on  05/08/07  at  06:32 AM
  11. In the People magazine a couple of week's ago, with the most beautiful people in it (their yearly edition), there were about 20 stars shown without their makeup. Some were so gorgeous, much prettier than with makeup, and Drew Barrymore (I know...you don't like her..) was one of the most incredible looking. She is such a natural beauty. She said that she hates makeup and doesn't wear it unless she has to for work.
    Posted by Bridget  on  05/13/07  at  02:24 PM
  12. Paula--Ha! We share the same malady! And about the comment: I meant every word.

    Lisa--Can't wait to catch up with you in September!!!! Miss seeing you.

    Bridget--Oooh, I might try to find that online. I'd love to see the pics. And I am warming up to Drew. It's just taken a while. It's hard not to love someone who hates make-up!
    Posted by Katy  on  05/15/07  at  08:05 AM
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