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Personal blog of christian writer Katy McKenna Raymond in Kansas City, Missouri

Personal blog of christian
writer & fallible mom
Katy McKenna Raymond
in Kansas City, Missouri

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Blizzard’s Charm

We mothers have a primal urge:
Protect, nourish, and warm,
Those in our care, whether young or old.

And so we watch the leaden skies:
Wait, anticipate the storm,
Plot out our plans, safe from gathering cold.

We brave the winds though they be fierce:
Face brute threats of harm,
To serve the helpless sheep within our fold.

“Make cinnamon rolls!” a small one cries:
A waif-like, fragile form,
“And popcorn balls!” Her voice becomes more bold.

So mothers do what they have done:
Maintain maternal charm,
By making sure this tale’s forever told.

Posted by Katy on 02/01/11 at 11:33 AM
Fallible Comments...
  1. Ah, Katy. You totally capture snow days! We moms have to do SOMETHING to keep the troops happy when they're going to be underfoot all day.
    Posted by Rachelle  on  02/01/11  at  12:39 PM
  2. You are so right Rachelle. Katy really knows how to express everything that is going on in the moment and season. As seasons change I really enjoy visiting here to read your lovely work. Thanks for everything Katy!
    Posted by Karen  on  03/14/11  at  05:50 PM
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