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I Am NOT Making This Up!!!

I’ve had a migraine for nine days running, but did I let a little thing like that stop me from hearing Dave Barry in person today?

What kind of woman do you think I am?

He gave a hilarious presentation at the so-called “business luncheon” sponsored by UMB Bank, Rainy Day Books, and KMBZ radio here in Kansas City. I say “so-called” because, while this group may sometimes be thrilled to tears by speakers on subjects as compelling as investing in viaticals—whatever THOSE are—today these same normally stalwart individuals were choking back their chicken with guffaws of glee.

Dave’s on a book tour to promote “Dave Barry’s Money Secrets Like: Why Is There A Giant Eyeball On The Dollar?”

Afterwards, while all the “business people” had to hurry back to their claustrophobic cubicles or corner offices, Doug and I (self-employed loafers that we are) got into a nice short line to get our books signed. Doug handed me both of our copies, so that he could stand to the side and try to snap a pic of Dave and me.

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?

But then I got to the front of the line, shook hands with Dave, and proceeded to show him this keepsake hand-written postcard he sent me ten years ago. Back then, I’d found a headline I thought he would enjoy, since he collects such things and writes about them. It said, “Net Bank Bucks Stock Sag.” I’d also enclosed a copy of an article he wrote, published face-to-face in the Kansas City Star Magazine with one of my own humor articles.

I was shocked when I received a note back from him. In case you can’t read the words, it says, “Katy, Thanks. That headline bucked my stock sag for sure. From your fellow published writer, Dave Barry.”

Today, Dave looked at my framed postcard and his internal editor kicked in. “Look. I spelled headline with a ‘d’ on the end. Do you want me to fix it?”

“I’d never even noticed!” I said. “And no, I want it just the way it is.”

We laughed and chatted and I totally forgot to look over at Doug so that he could take our picture. So he took a couple of pics that turned out looking like, frankly, no one I’d ever seen before. How would I ever be able to prove to you my loyal and expectant readers that yes, I really HAD gotten my pic snapped with the Man?

Doug and I went down twelve flights to the lobby of the newly-renovated and gorgeous Hilton President Hotel and looked at the digital pics and used the restrooms and I was sad but not too sad because migraine notwithstanding, people, I had a plan.

“Babe,” I said, “we’re going back up.”

I had a feeling that the line would be subsiding, and I was right. We got back up to the twelfth floor just as the last person handed over his book to be autographed.

“Could I get a picture with you, Dave?” I asked, as boldly as I’ve done anything ever. “My blog audience demands it.”

“Sure!” he said, and then he and I posed and grinned like goofballs.

“This is the VERY happiest day of my life!” I said, and honestly in that moment, I sincerely meant it. Even now, I wouldn’t take it back.

“That’s a dangerous thing to say in front of your husband,” Dave said.

“Well,” I answered, “I mean, he’s nice and all, but…”

And then my two favorite guys and I laughed all together and I’m telling you what, that was the most luscious business-luncheon chicken I’ve ever had.

UPDATE OF UNUSUAL SIZE!!! Dave Barry’s blog links to this one! He says I’m a relatively sane Kansas City blogger. See, Doug has nothing to worry about. Obviously, Dave doesn’t know me THAT well….  :)

(31) Fallible Comments

Posted by Katy on 01/25/06 at 02:38 PM
Fallible Comments...
  1. Katy,

    What an amazing experience. I can understand why you are flying. And why you love Doug so much. Any man who can stand by while his wife gushes all over a major celebrity--and keep snapping pictures--is truly one secure in their relationship.

    You did go home with Doug, didn't you?

    PS: Thanks for the first full frontal shot I've seen of you. It will be good to put your real face--not the one I've conjured--into all the great stories Mama Katy tells.
    Posted by Michael O'Connor  on  01/25/06  at  04:12 PM
  2. I did come home with the fellow, yes. But he's leaving again soon for another so-called "business meeting." I, on the other hand, will spend the evening reading Dave's book and relishing in my afternoon's foray into the weird and wacky world of business.

    And yes, Doug is VERY secure!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  04:22 PM
  3. Katy,
    LOVE the picture! I bet you made Dave's day, too. Your posts have become a regular part of my week. I appreciate the way you can drag a laugh out of any situation. God knows the world needs more laughter.
    Posted by Macromoments  on  01/25/06  at  04:23 PM
  4. Katy,
    Wow, how cool is that? He is definitely one very funny dude.

    But you know what? I'll bet you made his day too.

    Thanks for sharing...and yes, I'm a bit jealous...of both of you!

    Posted by michael snyder  on  01/25/06  at  04:48 PM
  5. Katy,

    Thanks so much for coming to the KMBZ Business Forum today! You are right, Dave was great! He called me his "idol" in my signed book!

    I'm really glad that we were able to give you the experience today!


    Neil Larrimore
    Program Director
    NewsRadio 980 KMBZ
    Posted by Neil Larrimore  on  01/25/06  at  05:23 PM
  6. Katy,

    As a regular reader/bloglit of Dave's blog, I can assure you that being called relatively sane by Dave doesn't really mean a lot. You have to ask yourself, "relative to <i>what?</i> And if you read his blog, you'll soon, to your dismay, find the answer to that question.
    Posted by Mr. Completely  on  01/25/06  at  05:37 PM
  7. Macro Bonnie--Well, it wasn't hard to drag a laugh out of today, girl! All I had to do was drag my sorry self out of bed and let Doug haul me downtown, and Dave did the rest! Humor, the great healer.... :)

    Mike--I strive to NEVER inspire anyone to the sin of jealousy, but in this case, I just can't help myself! So, so much fun. Dave has been my comedic hero for at least 20 years. Since I was, like, 14 or so. ;)

    Neil--HIS idol! I am so impressed. I've never been anyone's idol. That must feel, um...pretty darn good! Wanna swap books? Thanks for throwing a great party!

    Mr. Completely--I have read Dave's blog off and on, but I can't keep up with all the zany commenters!!! You guys are a scream over there...Dave wrote that the "crazy little ladies in KC" can be helped by effective doses of the right meds. Maybe THAT'S why I'm considered "relatively sane"!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  05:48 PM
  8. CUTE! How exciting, Katy! Remember us little people when you become part of the glitterati. ;)
    Posted by Maria  on  01/25/06  at  07:57 PM
  9. Maria--If the gitterati is anything like the sequinati, I'm already in, girlfriend! My peasanty hippie blouse was trimmed in silver sequins. :)
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  08:04 PM
  10. Looks like I'll be taking up residence in Envy Town instead of just passing through. How fun!

    I'm glad you got the humor boost you needed, Katy, and the pictures to prove it. :)

    Love, Jeanne
    Posted by Jeanne Damoff  on  01/25/06  at  08:22 PM
  11. Hi, Katy,

    How fun! I love Dave Barry. His mind works in mysterious ways. I'm so happy for you and your great day!

    (I wonder if he still has his auxiliary dog, Zippy! I forget the name of his main dog. Hmm. Phooey. No, not Phooey, but, umm....)
    Posted by Margo Carmichael  on  01/25/06  at  08:43 PM
  12. Waaaahoooo! What FUN, Katy! I LOVE the pictures!

    Posted by Deb Raney  on  01/25/06  at  08:48 PM
  13. Jeanne--We gots to get the pictures, girl! Life's too short not to have proof. :)

    Margo--my litttle Scottish friend! Hey, I'd forgotten about Zippy! Man, that was a long time ago...

    If Dave checks in here, maybe he'll update us on his current pets, both main and auxiliary...
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  08:53 PM
  14. Deb--Woo, hoo is right, baby! And you know what? I am WAY too shy to ask for a picture, but I knew I'd better get some guts about me or I'd regret it. Guts Backward R Me!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  08:57 PM
  15. One can always hope! Funniest column he ever wrote, about--oh, Ernest! That's his name, Ernest! Dave told how another dog tore up someone's down jacket, sat there with feathers floating all around him and his big innocent eyes, and denied doing it. And the owner believed the dog. I laughed so hard!

    Well, I still want to hear about the huge eyeball. So the dollar can see where it's going? My money talks, as it goes, all right, it says good-bye.

    Hello, Katy, so good to see you here. What a gorgeous blog! I've just started blogging. How advanced of you, doing this since 2000. Since Zippy was a pup! : )
    Posted by Margo Carmichael  on  01/25/06  at  09:06 PM
  16. Margo--I think Ernest is the Main dog, all right. Yeah, my adult son got me into blogging. He said he thought I could make a go of it, and possibly even "monetize some dynamic eyeballs." Which fits RIGHT in with the title of Dave's book!

    Unlike Dave, however, I have thus far failed to monetize any eyeballs, dynamic or otherwise...

    I'll visit your blog, Margo!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/25/06  at  09:15 PM
  17. How COOL!!!! I'm glad the day turned out to exceed your expectations.

    And - Dave Barry has a blog!!!! Extra cool points for you!
    Posted by Liz  on  01/25/06  at  10:45 PM
  18. Sacré Vache, and Zut Alors! Je suis éblouie! :) Kudos to the lady for being brave and tough enough to ask for the pic. You are linked to from Dave Barry's blog. YAHOO!
    Posted by Heather  on  01/25/06  at  11:11 PM
  19. How very fun, Katy!!!

    Thanks for the pictures - not only great to see you with Dave Barry - great to have a good shot of you to see in my mind when I read your blog!

    I haven't followed Dave Barry's stuff online close enough to know if there's any talk of The Rock Bottom Remainders and Roger McGuin playing again, anywhere where I could get to see them... that would be my dream.

    Hope the headache isn't worse after all the excitement.
    Posted by Chris(tine)  on  01/26/06  at  01:27 AM
  20. Well done, Katy, from a first-time visitor to your blog. I hope I do half as well when I meet Dave tomorrow (today, by Mountain Technical Time) at the Denver Press Club's luncheon. I have a feeling that the experience will go a long way toward easing the pain of last Sunday's game.

    Also, interesting <i>modus operandi</i> with the Latin. ;-)
    Posted by Clay (aka WriterDude)  on  01/26/06  at  01:32 AM
  21. I swear that I have no idea where the line I wrote outing myself, along with Mr. Completely, as a Dave's blog "bloglit", went. Perhaps it's enjoying a bit of parfait with the dust bunnies behind my desk (gratuitous DB blog in-joke, imported just for you).

    Okay, <i>now</i> I'm feeling a proper sense of disclosure.
    Posted by Clay (aka WriterDude)  on  01/26/06  at  01:52 AM
  22. Ms. Katie..I really enjoyed meeting you today at the Dave Barry Thingee!(we were going to call it that, then"Business Forum" won).
    I am totally impressed with you! You have a migraine, yet manage to come see Dave Barry, climb down and UP 12 flights of stairs, get an autograph and picture with Dave, blog about it(very funny!) AND make my day! YOU are the woman!
    Darla Jaye
    Posted by Darla Jaye  on  01/26/06  at  05:18 AM
  23. Way to go Katie! "Boogers" to you! (another Dave Barry saying) We from his blog - blogits - that havent' met him are happy you did.


    ... and no low flow toilets....
    Posted by kibby F5  on  01/26/06  at  07:18 AM
  24. 'nuther DB-blogit here, tugging on your ankles in a vain attempt to bring you back down to earth after your <i>swoon</i> personal meeting with His Daveness. Katy, I have a preprinted postcard, tho personally signed, by Dave in response to something I sent (ahem), well, let's just say YEARS ago. Congratulations on your boldness to go back up the stairs and get your picture taken. Now you have something else to frame next to your own postcard!
    Posted by MOTW  on  01/26/06  at  08:18 AM
  25. Liz--Girl, I had high expectations, and they STILL managed to get exceeded! (I usually tend to keep expectations manageably low, but in this case...) :)

    Heather--Mais, oui-ou! I am eblouieing all OVER the place! (Yes, even the morning after...)

    Chris(tine)--Dave's sites do have info about The Rock Bottom Remainders, so you might check there. He mentioned Stephen King and Amy Tan yesterday, but I'm not sure about the others...

    Clay AKA--Oh, man! You will have a blast! Glad you don't have to wait long! Enjoy whatever pieces of lunch you manage to swallow!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/26/06  at  08:31 AM
  26. Darla--So fun to find you here! (Hey, I find you almost every morning on KMBZ, but THIS is a switch...) All that climbing up and down twelve flights of stairs must have been good for me OR ELSE I've just discovered the long-awaited Cure For Migraines Of Unusual Size--meeting Dave Barry and KC's own Darla Jaye on the same day! Thank you.
    Posted by Katy  on  01/26/06  at  08:37 AM
  27. kibby F5--Thanks for the boogers! And yes, we still need Dave for President as much as ever we did. As for low-flows--I ditched all three of mine for Aussie Toto Toities and we have never been happier! Plumbing Power to the People, Right On!

    MOTW--Earth?? Not so fast, little bloglit! My manic phases are coming fewer and farther between, and by gosh, I'm going to enjoy this one! And YES, I'm framing that pic!
    Posted by Katy  on  01/26/06  at  08:55 AM
  28. How cool is that!!! It's nice to know that Dave's as nice in person as he seems to be in his writings.
    Posted by Cindy Swanson  on  01/26/06  at  11:43 AM
  29. Katy,
    I'm so jealous! (Plus, my goodness, you haven't had this many comments since we raised money for the Carrie fund! LOL.)
    Great picture, by the way...I miss you!
    Love to you always....
    Posted by Bridget  on  01/26/06  at  11:53 AM
  30. Cindy--He really seems like one of the "folks." OK, your folks have to be a little strange, but still... ;)

    Bridgie--And speaking of folks! How's my Happy Birthday Baby Sister? 39 for the first time, but not the last? Yes, a Dave Barry sighting does generate comments. He's just so much fun.
    Posted by Katy  on  01/26/06  at  11:58 AM
  31. That is so awesome! I can't think of an equivilently cool thing ever happening to me. Rock on.
    Posted by Kathryn, the daring one  on  01/27/06  at  02:10 PM
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