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Doug and I just finished reading through 1st and 2nd Corinthians together. Like out loud. Yeah, baby—that kind of together!

I admit I don’t always get St. Paul, especially in Corinthians. But when I do get him, I love the dickens out of him. The Scripture that’s got me going right now—because of the changes we’ve been making in our lives, I’m sure—is this passage:

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed…....you will be enriched in everything for all liberality…” (2 Cor: 8, 11)

Let me tell you, it’s not always easy to believe this verse. Especially when you’re in debt, addicted to spending beyond your means, sucked into shopping for recreation, and dulled to the genuine needs of others.

Don’t get me wrong: Rich or poor, we’ve always managed to eke out a tithe check for the Almighty. That’s the least we could do to acknowledge that He, the Maker of the Universe, really does own it all. Right?


As we turn a spiritual corner in our thinking, it’s getting a lot easier to envision a future in which liberal giving is the norm. As we begin this journey of imposing a few needed restrictions upon ourselves and experiencing the joy that comes with freed-up resources of time, energy, money, and more, we are starting to believe in the might of Paul’s words.

You know what? Even now, before we’ve completed the climb out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves, we’re excited about becoming liberal. Can you imagine how wonderful it must be to throw a cautious brand of generosity to the wind and have its place taken up by a radical life of giving?

We’re not there yet. Not even close. But our imaginations are on fire, exactly how imaginations are meant to be.

Posted by Katy on 07/11/06 at 09:49 AM
Fallible Comments...
  1. One of the things I love most is reading with Joshua so...kudos! =)

    "But our imaginations are on fire, exactly how imaginations are meant to be."

    Posted by Lynn  on  07/12/06  at  07:06 AM
  2. You're onto something.

    I found this through the Christian Carnival (although the link in the Christian Carnival isn't quite right, for some reason.)
    Posted by Martin LaBar  on  07/12/06  at  07:51 PM
  3. Lynn--It's scary how our imaginations can be dulled by the creeping habit of meaningless shopping and spending. It's a drug. When you go cold turkey, things start to make sense again....Keep reading with Joshua!

    Martin--Thanks for stopping by! I don't know why the link at Christian Carnival isn't working, but glad you found your way here....
    Posted by Katy Raymond  on  07/13/06  at  11:49 AM
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