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i dreamed of my dad again last night. the two of us, sitting in his family room, watching M.A.S.H. -- hot lips houlihan was up to her antics, and dad and i were content to snicker together, getting it. he's been gone seventeen years, and i'm almost past conjuring an easy mental picture now, except in dreams, where he is instant and constant and in the moment. he is still 62-years-old, and won't live to be 79 in my imagination or anywhere else, for that matter. why are the dreams so current, so fresh, so real-time? why hasn't it sunk in to my subconscious yet that he's not here? why don't i get it? dreaming is living not in time, but in eternity. maybe i haven't processed "seventeen years since his death" because he hasn't. maybe i can't imagine him older because he isn't. if timelessness is fair, he is ageless in a strong, youthful way. i may stop counting the anniversaries, and start looking forward to the reunion. and the dreams. and getting it.
Posted by Katy on 01/12/01 at 05:03 AM
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