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The More Things Change, The More They Don’t Have To Stay The Same

I realized at the beginning of 2011 how tired I am of petty thieves, sneaky time stealers that do little more than provide mindless entertainment (though I certainly appreciate mindless entertainment in moderation!) or fill an habitual slot in my web-surfing routine.

I mean, how pathetic is it that even though I DON’T CARE, I continued for years on end to follow a mind-numbing string of umpteen daily news sites, diet message boards, and conspiracy theory blogs?

How ridiculous is it that even though I lost interest many seasons ago, I persisted in giving two or three nights per week, at the sole discretion of Ryan Seacrest, to the developing drama called American Idol? I mean, if I want to witness someone performing badly, I can sing in front of a mirror, you know?

The problem, of course—-and I knew this when I opted to cut these and other activities cold turkey—-is that a vacuum, once emptied of the dust and dirt it’s collected, really wants to have a clean bag attached to it so you can start sucking up a whole bunch of new nonsense. My life, once delivered of time-sucking habits, practically begged me to refill it with more of the same.

For some weeks now, I’ve been at loose ends. I’ve successfully resisted the lure of my former activities, but replacing them with highly-valued, carefully chosen endeavors has proven more challenging. It’s a little scary, actually, to have more time than you believed possible and then to recognize that it’s completely likely you’d previously filled it with goofiness so as not to have to face your own reasons for being.

I am facing my reasons now. I am writing more than at any period during the last five years. I am refusing to blink in the presence of some giants (one of them my rear end!) that have nearly overcome me—-but amazingly, not quite yet. I am focusing more clearly on my husband, the love of my heart, and on the relationship we’ve been granted as the gift of a lifetime. And I’m opening my soul to my two beautiful new grandchildren, to whom I hope to devote many of the days ahead.

And I’m relearning myself, this woman who apparently still has plenty left to say, to be, and to do.

I’m in no hurry to fill these calm spaces, either. As long as what eventually fills them are the things that truly matter most.

Posted by Katy on 02/10/11 at 12:37 PM
Fallible Comments...
  1. katy - i had not been to your site in a while and it was good to catch back up. i am with you on the use of time... i have never been much of a TV guy at all, but the internet...oh how much time i waste surfing around.

    this is good, this is encouraging to me. thanks for sharing your continuing journey. i have certainly enjoyed reading this site over the past few years. God bless!
    Posted by joshua  on  02/14/11  at  09:09 PM
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  3. Katy,

    It has been a while since last I visited your it, but drinking from that dice mug (which I still have) got me thinking about your blog and I'm pleased to see it's here.

    I recently gave up a time sink myself, I might've filled it with a plethora of tiny little time sinks, so I'll probably be taking stock of all of that before too terribly long. Any way, it's nice seeing your perspective on something that I think an awful lot of people are faced with, whether they recognize it or not. Having an example of how to responsibly address that kind of thing is nice, too.


    Adam (previously of Chicago) with the Dice Mug.
    Posted by Adam  on  02/21/11  at  12:12 PM
  4. Well, two of my all-time favorite blog commenters, Joshua and Adam!! So good to see you here.

    My blogging fell off the wagon for a while there, but I'm getting back in the groove. Incredibly nice of you to check in.

    Josh, the Internet in general is my big weakness, too. I've given up reading entire categories of sites that I realized were no longer adding anything meaningful to my knowledge or happiness, so why do it out of habit alone? But I STILL find ways to be overly invested in facebook and twitter, sheesh. Always making adjustments, even at age 57! I am always glad when I know of young people attempting to do the same...

    Adam, The Mug Survives!!! This is good news, eh? I still have several in the original set, but think of you often when I remember The Dice. :) I got kind of accused by a fb friend of being into the doctrine of "redeeming the time." He felt like I'd gone to the dark side, eliminating all the fun and relaxation and joy from life by making these adjustments. That's not what it's about for me AT ALL. I'm trying to ditch the stuff that doesn't matter to me anymore (and maybe, never did....) to MAKE ROOM for the good stuff--especially laughter, joy, and relationships. Heck, I didn't even know there WAS a doctrine of "redeeming the time"! Best to you as you wrestle with these things, too. Raising a mug to you now!
    Posted by Katy  on  02/22/11  at  12:00 PM
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