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“Where have you laid Him?”

Imagine poor Mary Magdalene, exhausted with grief over losing Jesus, arriving Sunday morning before dawn at the tomb where Jesus had been placed on Friday evening, and finding it empty. She trips through the burial grounds until she practically collides with a Man who, through her tears, looks like the gardener.

“Where have you laid Him?”

She believes, of course, that He is, without a doubt, dead. She witnessed the brutality with which He was crucified, the finality of the spear stabbing Him in the side. She felt the final anguish of the last of His blood spilling out of the open wound, drops of it falling like tears on her feet.

Who knows if while He was yet with them, she had already come to believe in the resurrection of the dead?

Jesus faces her in the garden and when He says a single word—“Mary!”—she realizes her mistake. He is not dead, but living! And not only living, she realizes with the joy that comes from being purchased back from death herself, but alive forevermore.

“Where have you laid Him?”

The words came to me out of no where in the middle of the night, a question that pierced neither my hands nor my feet, but my heart.

Because if I’ve laid Him anywhere—in the empty back pew at my once-on-Sunday church or inside the crisp pages of a Book I seldom read—it means that I’ve left Him for dead.

I don’t really believe He’s dead anymore—do I?

Where have I laid Him?

Posted by Katy on 04/16/06 at 06:12 AM
Fallible Comments...
  1. What an insightful post. How many times to we lay him aside during our days? May I instead carry Him always in my mind and my heart.
    Posted by Tricia Goyer  on  04/16/06  at  07:44 PM
  2. Beautifully written. God lives in all of us. Happy Easter
    Posted by Maria  on  04/16/06  at  09:33 PM
  3. I love this.
    Posted by kathryn, dym  on  04/16/06  at  11:47 PM
  4. Tricia--Thank you. So nice of you to read and comment here!

    Maria--And a blessed Easter Week to you!

    Kathryn--I love you!
    Posted by Katy  on  04/18/06  at  06:23 PM
  5. Hi, this post is a good reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I have received Christ for more than 2 years and since I've decided to get off the baby bottle and start serving, I realised that I've been giving myself seemingly valid excuse to read the bible less frequently.

    I keep a prayer journal, a bible reading journal and recently, a ministry blog which records my experiences as I start serving in bible storytelling sessions to elderly (who are mostly new believers with poor eyesight!). Since the ministry, I have started writing biblestories and drawing cartoons. As all these are centred on the bible, I have fallen behind in my bible reading schedule and I don't feel that guilty these days!

    So, thanks for this post. It gives me an image that I can hold on to whenever I'm neglecting my bible reading and I will share this during homecell tonight! God Bless!
    Posted by Mei  on  04/21/06  at  01:41 AM
  6. Mei--Thank you for reading here and for sharing your thoughts! It is amazing that, even when we're "doing stuff for God," we can get sidetracked from Him. He is so alive, isn't He?
    Posted by Katy  on  04/22/06  at  07:16 AM
  7. What a thought inspiring post. Thank you for this.
    Posted by Amanda  on  04/26/06  at  09:42 AM
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