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In The Name Of All That Is Holy, Especially St. Patrick… (#903)

Please, if you love me, don’t use the ill-begotten term “St. Patty.”

This year is the first year that I’ve noticed this on banners and ads and even, Saints Preserve Us, on greeting cards. There may be a Saint Patricia out there, and if there is and you want to give the old gal a nickname, then St. Patty would work just fine.

But Patrick was a man, and the nickname for Patrick is “Paddy.” In fact, Irishmen of all stripes are prone to being called “Paddy” in the same way my father and all his brothers when they emigrated to this country from Scotland were automatically nicknamed “Scotty.”

Just so we’re clear on this, “St. Pattie” won’t work, either. Unless you want to reduce my favorite saint of all time to ground chuck.

Have Mercy! And Erin Go Bragh!

Posted by Katy on 03/17/06

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